Our method for being happy every day
is to completely care for oneself.

AWY specializes in at-home beauty devices that are developed
according to the lifestyles of smart consumers.
AWY aims to create beauty devices through a
long period of research and development to help
foster easy, quick, and convenient skincare habits.


AWY performs research.

In order to provide solutions that are perfect for our customers' skin types,
we develop effective skincare products with our specialized technology
MTS (Microneedling Therapy System) together with domestic skincare and
medical device specialists.


AWY is safe.

Boasting a medical device manufacturing certificate (GMP)
and medical device quality management system (ISO 13485),
AWY provides customers with only products produced through
internal sourcing of raw materials, production,
and strict quality inspections.


AWY communicates.

AWY will communicate with customers and think about
the values our customers want before anyone else.
We will help you find your most beautiful and satisfactory self.
We provide personal care solutions to help you foster
self-care habits that require only 10 minutes per week.